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Lorries Parked In Line

Light trucks and other vehicles export have expanded 57.3% compared to the same period last year, reaching 411,952 units in the first six months of 2022.
Automotive industry exports also increased by 34% to $14.7 billion. The sector exported 461,528 vehicles during the six-month period of 2022.

Farm Equipment Parts Repair

In Turkiye, approximately 130 different machines and equipment are manufactured in the agricultural machinery sector. The manufactured products are mainly as follows: Tractors, harvesters, pedestrian-controlled tractors, mowers, powered, lawn with horizontal cutting devices, seeders, planters and transplanters, manure spreaders and fertilizer distributors means and equipment for plant protection and irrigation, harvesters, threshers, dryers machines and equipment for cleaning, distinguishing and processing, milking machines and other types of equipment for farm and garden usage.

Heavy Machinery Parking Area

with more than e export volume of $1,32 billion, Turkish construction and mining machinery producers compete with worldwide well-known producers in domestic as well as foreign markets.

Turkish construction and mining machinery industry manufactures and exports various kinds of construction and mining machinery including; pulley tackles, hoists other than skip hoists, winches, capstans, jacks, derricks, cranes, straddle carriers, works trucks fitted with a crane, forklift trucks, other work trucks fitted with lifting and handling equipment, lifting, handling, loading and unloading machinery, self-propelled bulldozers, graders and excavators, moving grading, scraping and boring machinery for earth, stone and mineral elements, spare parts of construction machinery, special purpose motor vehicles for persons and goods, work trucks and lifting equipment for factories and airports.

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