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Home Furniture

The Turkish furniture sector exports worth $4.3 billion, in 2021 and are expected to reach $6 billion in 2022.

We provide you with the best quality in the best price.

Marine parking of boats and yachts in Turkey.jpg

Turkiye is exporting sea vessels to around 133 countries in the world, mega yachts are topping the list of the vessels exported, yet the list includes fishing boats, tugboats, ferries, auxiliary vessels, and arctic sea vessels.

2021 Turkish exports of Turkish marine vessels is $1.6 billion.

We are pleased to provide the status of art of what you may require.

couple embracing in front of new big modern house, outdoor rear view back looking at their

We cover several countries with the best market value of distinguish real estates and properties.

Just choose the country you want and see the offerings available.

Whether in Turkiye, Montenegro or UAE you can find the best offerings that may suit your lifestyle and the way of life you desire.

Our offerings come complete with an Advocate's support for any type of visa, or residence ship required.

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